Who are the founders of Food for Skin?

Two sisters from completely different backgrounds. Cathy is a natural skin specialist and Angela brand builder.

After a failed personal quest for honest, 100% natural skincare, they decided to take matters into their own hands to develop a Clean & Green skin care brand based on the goodness of (residuals of) vegetables.

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On a mission

The Food for Skin mission is ambitious: we want to make the polluting beauty industry clean again. We produce natural skin care that is highly effective, with tangible results you can see and feel. 

Our award-winning facial care contains 100% natural products for the skin and is suitable for all skin types. No ingredient in our products is used as a filler, meaning almost every ingredient in our natural skincare is an active ingredient. With these circular and natural ingredients we make the best creams and serums, without perfume, parabens, alcohol and microplastics. This results in pure, highly concentrated and effective natural skin care products, which are nowadays rare in the world of skin care and cosmetics. 


We know that everything we put on our skin is partially absorbed into our body. That is why all our skin care products emphasize organic, food-related ingredients, obtained as much as possible from upcycling. We also produce everything close to home, in Almere and Amsterdam. In this way we keep production sustainable and reduce our footprint.


Vegetables on your face?

Vegetables have been spoon-fed to Cathy and Angela from their mother, whom they jokingly refer to as 'Green Ten'. Mother Tiny was ahead of her time: she has been doing organic gardening for 50 years, with her own vegetable garden and compost heap. The sisters know the feeling of fresh vegetables all too well.


Many know that it is good to eat a lot of organic vegetables, that your body feels good about it. But few know that your skin, your largest organ, also wants to be fed with all those vitamins and minerals. 


The sisters have spent two years developing Food for Skin, along with a professional formulator and laboratory, to bring good-functioning, no-nonsense, and beautiful products to the market. 

Food for skin

"Food for Skin is Food for Thought: do you know what you put on your skin? I wanted a 100% natural product that works well, is simple to use and looks good. There was none. So we simply made it!" And with succes, we are nominated for the Dutch Beauty Award!

Food for skin

"Food for Skin is build on the belief that it CAN be done, without microplastics or other nasties. That's why we are a proud partner of The Plastic Soup Foundation, donating 1% of our turnover to #Beatthemicrobeads"

Food for skin

"Food for Skin believes in the new business model where purpose and profit are balanced and we are proud to be a pending member of the B Corp community! "