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Food for Skin stands for no-nonsense, honest skin care. We believe in tangible results that you can see and feel. Food for Skin is free from junk and microplastics that end up in nature and of course free from animal suffering. But full of (upcycled) natural ingredients from vegetables and plants, which bring your skin flora into a good balance. Resulting in a fresh looking skin.

Good for you, and the planet!

Food for Skin's mission is to clean up the polluting beauty industry, together.


Clean, protect, feed

Clean, protect and feed your skin with 100% natural skincare fed with vegetables. You know that vegetables are good for your body, so it's also good for your largest organ, your skin! Feed your skin with natural ingredients and tackle the cause, not the effects.

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Wanna try?

We understand that you do not  simply switch to a new brand, but let us convince you with a trial set. That is enough for 3 to 4 weeks. The trial sets come in glass biophotonic containers, just like the regular products. Good for nature, nice for you.

Awards time!

Embleem finalist.png

We just heard that we are nominated for the Retailer of the Year award - Newcomer. This blows us away! We ar not even on the market for a year, won already two big fat Awards and again nominated?? Pinch us!

Fingers crossed for the Award ceremony in September,
Angela & Cathy

2x Winner Dutch Beauty Awards

We are thrilled to announce we were awarded with not just 1, but 2(!) golden Dutch Beauty Awards! 1 for 'green brand' and 1 for 'talent of the year 2021'.

We feel recognized for our high quality products, hard work in our first year as a start up and aknowledged for our entrepreneurship. We are very thankful to receive the awards from a very knowledgeable jury.

Food for skin

Green brand

Food for skin

Talent of the year